With over thirteen years of operation in Australia, Mahindra truly understands the needs of its Australian customers. The Mahindra 35 series has been a big seller for Mahindra in Australia and it’s easy to see why with its reputation for solid durability and comfort, it’s no wonder it wore the tagline of Stylish and Strong. Keeping a heavy steel construction allows Mahindra customers to Push More, Pull More and Lift More.

Just WHAT does Mahindra offer the Australian ute buyer that makes it a unique prospect?

This article appeared in Delivery Magazine on December 2017. To view the original article download a PDF version here. The Indian auto industry is one of the largest in the world, and yet for many Australians it remains largely an unknown quantity.

Mahindra launches the All New Tougher- Next Generation Pik Up

Mahindra’s next Generation PikUp, with its refreshed outer body styling, new six speed transmission, increased turbo diesel power, and stylish new interior is a tough no nonsense ute that is as rugged as ever.

Mahindra Supports Community Health in Toowoomba

Mahindra Australia, part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, extended its support for an inspiring new initiative in the regional city of Toowoomba. The company will support Karakan, a mental health support provider, which will now deploy a Mahindra Genio in an important daily service.


It is hard to beat value for money and it is hard to beat good quality for a price, but when you combine both in equal measure what you get is a package that is celebrated for its easy approach to work, with additional capability up its sleeve. That is what you want in a work vehicle.  A no-nonsense approach that you can trust time and time again.  That’s Dependable. That’s Honest. That’s truly capable of surprising you in its determination and its durability. That is what you get with the new 2018 model year Mahindra Genio.


Wodonga Car World’s Dealer Principal Todd Reed - who joined his father in the business way back in the early 90s - has seen more than a few brands come and go over the years. “I’m particularly excited about the addition of Mahindra as it is 100% factory backed and part of the US$19 Billion Mahindra Group.”

UTILITY ON A BUDGET? Mahindra announces NEW 6060 2WD & 4WD Tractors

Mahindra Ag & Auto Australia, part of the US $19 billion Mahindra Group, announces the new Mahindra 6060 Utility Tractor range now available at its 45 Agricultural dealers nationwide. Step up to the Utility sized 6060 2WD / 4WD tractors and start to enjoy the advantage that a bigger footprint provides. Full Planetary reduction and big heavy construction make this 60-horsepower tractor great for those medium size properties that have value and productivity on their mind.

Mahindra Australia and Plaza Auto open flagship showroom in Adelaide, South Australia

The latest Mahindra dealership, Plaza Auto Mahindra, is now open in Adelaide, ready to service South Australia. General manager Stuart Cole said he believed there would be strong demand in the state for Mahindra vehicles, tractors and XTV product lines. “We are looking forward to demand from the Adelaide Hills and Barossa regions as well as many other areas surrounding the city and across the state,” Mr Cole said.


The first generation of Mahindra Max small tractors set a new standard in terms of longevity, performance, versatility and ease-of-use, and now this latest Mahindra eMax25s range is set to again shift the bar for tractor performance and durability in the small tractor market. The core value of the eMax is that it is an all steel design and not a beefed-up rider mower – it’s a scaled-down tractor designed to work hard, and do so for a long time, and not made of plastic and aluminium like the competition.


They say when it comes to cars, everybody is an expert, but unlike your typical punter, Toowoomba Genio owner Rick Mules is a guy who gets paid for what he knows about vehicles and their operation, and has done for years.


In some of the most desolate and demanding country in Australia, Mahindra’s Pik-Up 4x4s are thriving. Spanning more than 396,000 square kilometres, Central West Queensland has a population density of just over .03 people per square kilometre – suffice to say it’s terrain suited to only the toughest and most reliable of vehicles. A failure of any kind could become very inconvenient, to say the least.

Mahindra announces mForce 100 Horsepower Tractor now on Sale

Brisbane Australia, 19 September 2016: Mahindra Ag & Auto Australia, part of the US $17.8 billion Mahindra Group, announces the new Mahindra mForce 100 horsepower Premium Tractor now on sale in Australia across its 44 Agricultural dealers nationwide.

The Mahindra Pikup is a bit more surprising than you might think

Trade Farm Machinery have recently done a review of our Pik-Up vs the Toyota Landcruiser. Find out the verdict here.

Unsealed 4X4

Find out why Ray chose a Mahindra Pik-Up for his epic journey here.


Australia, September 2016: One of Australia's newest Mahindra dealerships, Wagin and Great Southern Mahindra at Wagin, may be starting out small, but one thing is for certain, it's got no shortage of room to grow.

Mahindra Inaugurates New Dealership Showroom on Main Automotive Street of Dubbo, NSW

Australia, September 2016: Mahindra Automotive Australia, part of the US $17.8 billion Mahindra Group, recently inaugurated Mahindra Dubbo RV Centre, its first dealership in Dubbo’s ‘Auto Alley’ of Bourke Street. This will be in addition to Mahindra’s first Automotive Dealership at Narromine, Australia.

Mahindra Ag & Auto Australia launches new mPact XTV side by side range

Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty LTD (MAAPL), trading as Mahindra Ag & Auto Australia, today announced the launch of an exciting new range of side by sides called mPact. Designed and built in the USA, the new Mahindra mPact range is based on a full width 3 seater chassis design that comes in numerous configurations to suit Australian conditions. The 750 B Spec, featuring Kohler 747cc Petrol engine, 56.3 km/h top speed, class leading cargo box capacity of 544 kg with gas shock lift assist, and class leading tow capacity of 952 kg is just the start of the range. The 750 S adds alloy wheels, front hitch and electric powered cargo box lift.

Mahindra Ag & Auto Dealers celebrate FY16 with Matthew Hayden AM

Brisbane 7, June 2016: Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty LTD (MAAPL), trading as Mahindra Ag & Auto Australia, held their Conference & Product Launch and Annual Dealer Awards night across the 5th / 6th May, 2016 in Brisbane. It was a celebration on many fronts.