John David Wall

Rockhampton, QLD
Pulling around a 50 tonne monsoon irrigator isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what John uses his Mahindra for.

Mick Schroeter

Port Fairy, VIC
Mick runs sheep on his 140 acre property at Pork Fairy in Victoria. His Mahindra mForce 100P tractor has all the features he needs to get the job done. With 100 horsepower, it’s also got plenty of grunt.

Bob Stewart

Monaro, NSW
Bob runs 3000 sheep on almost two thousand acres, varying from flat and smooth to rocky and hilly. His Mahindra mPact XTV plays an important role in mustering and he absolutely loves it.

Justin Lewis

Delegate, NSW
From fencing to feeding and mustering sheep, Justin’s Mahindra mPact XTV helps to lighten the load of running 1200 Merino sheep on his property. Rocky and hilly terrain can be a challenge for some vehicles, but not the for Justin’s Mahindra mPact XTV side by side.

Bill Dwyer

Logan, QLD
Bill needed a machine that would allow him to tend to his daughter’s horses and maintain his 5 acres. Bill says that the eMax punches above its weight in terms of performance and allows him to get the job done with all the features he needs.

Gary Begley

Jimboomba, QLD
Gary decided to buy a 4-in-1 bucket. It hasn’t stopped working since. Purchased based on recommendations from friends, and it’s been better than he ever expected.

Claire Rooney

Ballarat, VIC
Claire mainly uses her Mahindra for moving bails of horse feed and repairing roads. The biggest attractions are the great heating, air conditioning and the fact that it’s simple and easy to use.

Andrew Plecher

Ballarat, VIC
Andrew manages a chicken farm and loves it. Having a versatile and strong tractor was vital and Andrew loves that his Mahindra is simple and gets the job done.