Amy Bidgood

ALB Pastoral – Woolmar

David & Kaye McNaught

Tweed Valley NSW
Meet the McNaught’s from Tweed Pecans, see how they harvest Pecans with their Mahindra 6075

Jim Hemsley

Nimbin, NSW
Jim uses a Mahindra 7580 on his cattle property to bring it back to beautiful pastures and reconsolidate his historic property.

John David Wall

Rockhampton, QLD
Pulling around a 50 tonne monsoon irrigator isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what John uses his Mahindra for.

Gary Begley

Jimboomba, QLD
Gary decided to buy a 4-in-1 bucket. It hasn’t stopped working since. Purchased based on recommendations from friends, and it’s been better than he ever expected.

Andrew Plecher

Ballarat, VIC
Andrew manages a chicken farm and loves it. Having a versatile and strong tractor was vital and Andrew loves that his Mahindra is simple and gets the job done.