Cultivating for Good

Amidst a severe economic and political crisis in Srilanka, Mahindra & DIMO rekindled hope for the native farmers by providing them with Mahindra & Swaraj tractors at zero cost. This initiative helped the farmers harvest 375+ tons of grain, benefitting 165+ farmer families, across 4 regions in the country.

This approach further enabled in generating a net income of 2,80,000 Lankan rupee per farmer family. The total income generated as a result was 4,62,00,000 Lankan rupees (A total of 1,18,80,000 INR)

Samvedanaya, a tenet in Buddhist philosophy is fundamental to the practice of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. It embodies a sense of universal love, compassion, and goodwill towards all living beings.
It simply means a heart that is filled with benevolence, wishing well for others, driving positive change in the lives of communities, which is what Mahindra’s core purpose is all about.
What Mahindra does for its communities, is interconnected with the brand’s success, and hence it is about ‘RISING TOGETHER’