Championing mental health and social transformation

Aishwarya Chari’s story highlights her journey from envisioning change to becoming an advocate of change.

Mirroring the Mahindra Rise philosophy, Aishwarya Chari believes that true progress is realised when others are empowered to Rise alongside us. She is currently working with Mahindra Home Finance as Chief Manager – Employee Engagement and Experience, CSR.

Hailing from Vapi, near Gujarat’s Daman border, her trajectory seamlessly blends community welfare and personal development. This narrative reaffirms the evolution of the conceptualising change to emerging as a champion for mental health and social transformation.

From finance to fulfilment

Aishwarya’s unwavering dedication propelled her to pursue a diverse range of qualifications. Alongside her achievements as a Chartered Accountant (CPT), she distinguished herself through her master’s in clinical psychology, followed by a transformative MBA journey at IIM Calcutta.

Aishwarya’s professional journey began in investment banking. She then transitioned from a role focused on marketing and strategy at Mahindra Home Finance to Human Resources. This move was motivated by her conviction that improving employee experiences could serve as a conduit for substantial change in people’s lives.

Aishwarya was also part of the project that digitised MySeva into an HR AI Chatbot and made the entire MySeva suite available to our employees on mobile.

Her advocacy genesis

In her early years, Aishwarya observed the local tribal communities trapped in a cycle of bootlegging, illicit trade, and substance abuse. Witnessing the grim consequences of these challenges, she recognised the urgent need for intervention to break these cycles of despair.

Early contributions and career path

Recognising a huge gap in mental health resources, Aishwarya focused on career counselling camps during her teenage years. These initiatives empowered underprivileged youths to break free from ancestral constraints and envision a brighter future. Her experience strengthened her belief in the need for a robust support system for vulnerable adolescents facing risks like gang violence and caste-based exclusion. Aishwarya, certified as a suicide first responder at 18, actively volunteered across cities and pursued education in the space of healthcare, social policy, and career development.

Championing mental health

The emergence of the pandemic in 2020 marked a pivotal juncture for Aishwarya. In response, she established OurKiran, an initiative that swiftly evolved into a beacon of support for mental health during a time of crisis.

Through this platform, she consistently facilitated awareness campaigns, curated essential content, and delivered vital counselling services, addressing the acute need for mental health resources. Her subsequent involvement with WarriorsConnect cemented her commitment to individuals grappling with severe psychiatric conditions and their caregivers.

As an administrator and peer listener, Aishwarya has meticulously cultivated safe spaces, extended psychological first aid, and exhibited an innate capacity for empathetic support.