The first generation of Mahindra Max small tractors set a new standard in terms of longevity, performance, versatility and ease-of-use, and now this latest Mahindra eMax25s range is set to again shift the bar for tractor performance and durability in the small tractor market.

The core value of the eMax is that it is an all steel design and not a beefed-up rider mower – it’s a scaled-down tractor designed to work hard, and do so for a long time, and not made of plastic and aluminium like the competition.

“We encourage customers to take the Mahindra Flex-test,” says Satish Chandra, National Sales Manager – AG, MAAPL. “Go and check out a competitive product in that segment, push on the ROPS and you’ll see the tractor lift the back wheel off the ground. Imagine what that is doing to the drivetrain of the competitor product. You won’t do that with our product, and the reason for that is the eMax 25s is made from cast steel [Not Aluminium] and all metal bonnet [Not Plastic!] – It’s a steel product, it’s structural components are not made of aluminium or plastic, it doesn’t have an aluminium housing like the competition. It’s just a strong product.” With the announcement of the new eMax25s Mahindra have launched 7-year powertrain warranty standard on all eMax25s sold from January, 15, 2017 (PROGRAM ENDED, ONLY APPLICABLE TO EMAX25S TRACTORS SOLD IN 2017)

While competitors are moving to plastic & aluminium to get cost out of the tractor, Mahindra continue to keep genuine heavy steel in their product to help make the #toughesttractorsonearth. In fact Mahindra started its entire business in 1945 as a Steel Trading Company and today have some of the largest steel plants in the world like the joint venture with Nippon Steel (The Worlds 3rd Largst Steel Producer) in the UAE. Mahindra Intertrade is India’s largest non-captive steel processor in the organized sector, catering to the needs of a variety of customers in the automotive, non-automotive and power industries.

“That strength is something you’ll always find in a Mahindra tractor” says James Halliwell – National Marketing Manager – MAAPL. “We’re always heavier than the competition in each horsepower segment, and that enables us to Push More, Pull More and Lift More. This gives us the completive edge in the market where our competitors are taking the traditional strength of a tractor, Steel, out of the product.

Mahindra Australia is determined to spread the good word about the eMax range’s list of impressive features, starting with the grunty and reliable 25 horsepower Tier IV-compliant engine. With no DPF, no expensive diesel particulate filters.

The tough, steel construction of the tractor yields a weight of 730 kg. This doesn’t just mean it lasts longer, it means, that – in combination with a wide track and the longer footprint of the eMax 25s standard Titan USA wheel equipment – it provides an important increase in operational stability on challenging gradients.

The eMax features a linkage lift capacity and hydraulic flow which is the best in the industry, as well as a robust drawbar and Cat 1 linkage standard – not a garden hitch, that seems to be the norm on competitive product, if its even offered.

There’s also an industry-leading loader lift capacity of 250kg Safe Working Load, and linkage lift capacity of 600kg when correctly ballasted, so you work smarter, not harder.

“Another defining difference with our eMax25s tractor,” says James, “is that, at any point in time you can come back looking for a backhoe, and still fit it, or take it off any time you need to use your 3 point linkage – which I might add is also a standard feature of our Tractor. Some brands don’t give you that freedom.”

The attractions of the eMax range have not gone unnoticed in the United States, where Mahindra is already number three in the category.

The Mahindra eMax 25s features a wide range of attachments and implements for maximum versatility, including a drive-on mowing deck, Self-Level loader, 4in1 bucket, slashers, carryalls, rotary tillers, box scraper, and post hole diggers.

By any comparison of the category’s most relevant measures, the Mahindra eMax 25s small tractor offers a winning combination of performance, work efficiency, stability and longevity, and promises to be an excellent addition to the eMax range.

Mahindra became the #1sellingtractorintheworld in 2010 by providing consumers with value-packed, high-quality tractors. Mahindra is the only tractor manufacturer in the world to win both the Deming Application Prize and the coveted Japan Quality Medal for excellence in Total Quality Management, awarded by the Deming Prize Committee care of the Union of Japanese Scientists.

Mahindra’s professional-grade tractors are built with heavy-duty components that allow them to outperform other tractors in their class and are designed to provide consumers with the ability to push more, pull more and lift more, so they can do more, in less time.

Mahindra eMax25s is available with Loader, with Mower, with Loader & Mower, as a Tractor Loader Backhoe package and in Tractor Only configuration also, see your Mahindra Tractor Dealer for details.