Mine Spec Pik-Up Ute

WILLAWONG, QLD (Nov, 2013) – Brisbane-based Mahindra get’s serious about Mine Spec vehicles in Australia.
Mahindra Automotive Australia has been supplying Mine Spec Utes in various configurations to companies throughout Qld, WA, NT, NSW, Tas for over the past three years.
One area of mining where the Mahindra Mine Spec Pik-Up is moving ahead is in underground mining applications. This unique area requires a number of major and significant component upgrades, changes and additions, very much a specialist area.

To ensure that the utmost of safety requirements and standards are met the Mahindra Mining Division was created. Within many features and upgrades that are offered, a recent development of a rear enclosed braking system, partnered with a leader in this field in Australia has commenced. The SIBS braking option is no doubt a safety component option that is certainly very much part of the underground mining vehicles in the future. This together with a rear disc brake option will see the Mahindra brand become a significant player in the underground mining segments.

The business of mining doesn’t just come about without rigorous testing programs throughout mines in Australia. It is often a 12-18 month program where Mahindra work directly with the mine on various aspects of the program. The program doesn’t just start with the whole of life cost of the projected use of the vehicle, but in the correct requirements and fit out to suit the particular mines site requirements, to a thorough analysis of the mines maintenance schedule to the spare parts requirements to ensure minimal downtime and exceptional uptime.

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“I remember one program where for the first three months the staff wouldn’t get out of their current fleet. So the superintendent took the keys off the staff and gave them the keys to the Mahindra mine spec Pik-Up. At the end of the 12 month program those guys didn’t want to give the keys back, they were rapped with the Mahindra Pik-Up!”

The critical factor that mining companies are focusing on is how to get cost out of their operation without sacrificing on safety or durability. One of the great benefits of the Mahindra mine spec Pik-Up is of course its whole of life cost. “In full fit out, quite simply it is up to better than half the price of similarly equipped competitive brands, but most importantly, we don’t sacrifice on durability or safety” Says Russell Thiele.

Mahindra take durability seriously, and are not a company that has just come down in the last shower. They have been making specialist vehicles in India since they first produced the Willys Jeep in 1947 for the War effort, to their more modern MRAP – Mine Resistant Patrol Vehicle for more modern warfare to name but a few.

Mine Resistant Patrol Vehicle

Along with Defence, Automotive and Tractor businesses, they have products across Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles and Aircraft. In fact the Mahindra Aerospace division is based here in Australia in Gippsland, Victoria also.

Mahindra Aerospace

The Mahindra Pik-Up is powered by the mHawk turbo diesel engine, which is a joint development between Mahindra and Austrian diesel powertrain engineering specialists, AVL. The common rail power unit develops maximum 280Nm of torque from just 1800rpm. It is particularly low geared, and in combination with speed limiters, handbrake and door alarms,makes a great fit for mining applications.

The Mahindra Pik-Up is available in Dual Cab or Single Cab 4×4 and is standard with an Eaton Speed Sensing Mechanical Diff Lock on the Rear Diff. Some of the options available include specialist door trims in aluminium, canvas seat covers, and heavy duty under body protection. Other specialist features include tailored light packages, heady duty spring kits, SIBS Braking, limiters, alarms, snorkels and of course gal steel trays in various options.

Mahindra have been awarded the Deming Prize and converted Japanese Quality medal for their approach to Total Quality Management in their factories and business processes.
For more information contact Russell Thiele on 07 3213 1211 or 0422 308 120.

Who is Mahindra?
The Mahindra Group employs 155,000 people in over 100 countries and has an annual turnover of US$16.2 billion. Mahindra Group is made up of companies involved in automotive, aerospace, agricultural, defence, energy, industrial, logistics, consulting, real estate and steel industries. The Group also has a controlling interest in SsangYong Motor Company in Korea.
Between April 2011 and March 2012, (Mahindra’s Fiscal Year), M&M sold 235,452 tractors worldwide. Mahindra is the Worlds No 1. Tractor company in the world by volume.

The Group rates in the Forbes Global 2000 top company list and Dun & Bradstreet listed the Mahindra Group as the leading automotive company in India’s top 500 companies. It’s also currently the only automobile manufacturer in the top 10 in India’s Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Mahindra Ag and Auto Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, based in Brisbane. The company has dealer network of over 70 dealers across AG and Auto segments in Australia and New Zealand.