Six-Wheel Genio Aimed At Fleet, Trade & Camper Customers

It might be born in the open spaces of the Darling Downs in country Queensland, but this head-turning Mahindra Genio from Briggs Six Wheelers is aimed squarely at the inner-city.
In the last thirty years the Dalby-based company has completed over 1200 six-wheel conversions, and their most recent adaptation was none other than the Mahindra Genio 4×4.
The Genio is achieving a sort of underground cult status with canny tradies who have cottoned on to its impressive combination of high cabin comfort, responsive performance, low and extra long tray and high ground clearance – all for under 20 grand!

If you ask Gary Briggs however, the Genio ticks a few extra boxes… as a 6-wheel conversion prospect.
“We’d been looking for a long time for vehicles that are smaller than two tonne, with a
reasonably light weight and a low body height.

“The Mahindra Genio makes a great vehicle for conversion,” he says, “as it has great strength in the chassis and an excellent brake package that lends itself to this type of conversion.

“The city work for a little two-tonne truck is increasing all the time. Today’s city market is all to do with car park access in high-rise buildings and most of the other vehicles around have a tray that is a metre high. It means if you want to deliver something like a photocopier or a safe into a high-rise building using a normal courier two tonner, you might have to struggle in through the front doors after hours.

“I’ve had a lot of customers looking to get that extra carrying capacity in a nice, low vehicle, and the genio fits perfectly.
“Because we have a 60/40 load share between the two rear axles, it still turns on the original rear axle, so the standard turning circle is maintained, but the payload capacity increases to 2.1 tonne and tray length extends to beyond 3.5 metres!

“That might mean a tradie can leave the trailer at home and use the Briggs Six Wheeler Genio to load up all the toys.
“We also see great potential for it with campervan conversions due to the low chassis rail enabling a floor height of just 600mm. This has obvious benefits for older users, with less steps to negotiate, while the low floor also equates to better head room in campervan conversions.
Gary and Mike Briggs are also the men behind Dingo loaders, and Mike sees the Mahindra Genio Six Wheeler as a perfect partner to a Dingo Mini Digger.
“There is potential for a tradesperson to load up one of our Dingos on the Genio and access many worksites where they currently park the ute and trailer up to a block away and have to walk the Dingo in to site.”

Mahindra Australia APL’s National Sales Manager Russell Theile is excited about the Briggs six-wheeler conversion.
“The Briggs conversion offers even more payload and room for our customers,” says Thiele.
“With the Genio’s other great feature of low starting price, the finished conversion price of a six-wheel 4×4 Mahindra Genio starts from just $44,000.
“It certainly makes for a great value package for customers and fleet buyers.”
The Mahindra Genio Six Wheeler is available from Six Wheeler Conversions Pty Ltd, 4 Neil Street, Toowoomba, QLD, or by contacting Mike Briggs on 0417 145 297.

Mahindra Genio as reviewed by Car Advice
Mahindra Genio was recently reviewed by with a 7 out 10 for Performance & Economy, 7 out of 10 for Cabin Space & Comfort, 7 out of 10 for Price & Features and an overall score of 6.5 out of 10, a higher overall score than many of the mainstream competitors.

“More storage room beneath each front seat as well as behind the seats is better than many Japanese alternatives.” Delivery Magazine Sep/Oct 2014